The Good:

  • The two Sabrinas: Often in the past of this show I have complained about the opposite directions Sabrina often finds herself being pulled and how I don’t always agree with the decision she makes, often this is because she tends to flip flop. This time we finally got to see Sabrina living both her normal teenage witch dreams and her Queen of Hell dreams and it was interesting, to say the least. Sabrina has changed so much that I understood why she felt so lonely with her regular friends both at Baxter High and at The Academy. What doesn’t help is seeing Sabrina Morningstar, Queen of Hell, have a fantastic time and getting married while she is in hell. Now, make no mistake I highly doubt that Sabrina would have as a whole enjoyed being in hell 24/7 but Sabrina Spellman, on the other hand, is having a tough time figuring out where she belongs. With all that being said I loved the direction the writers took to having both Sabrinas, it was like having twins instead of replications. They loved each other, cared for each other, looked out and helped each other. It truly is sad that not one of them could make it through all of this in the end.
  • Black girl magic literally: Guess what guys? Roz is also a witch. See her family didn’t want to call themselves witches cause that was not what god-fearing women would call themselves but her family are witches as Roz is a seer. So her, Prudence and Mambo Marie LeFleur team up to become Centennials so they can help predict when the Eldritch terrors will be arriving. It’s funny how Roz has the same hesitations of telling Harvey about her powers but unlike Sabrina, she throws herself into it almost immediately. Roz does her job as a Centennial well and it would have been nice if we got an update as to how she handled it all. So it turns out Mambo Marie is Baron Samedi and when it is time for them to leave to guide the dead, I was really sad but even as Baron Samedi reveals their true form somehow I could still see the tenderness in both them and Zelda’s eyes. Maybe they were trying to show us that love can be genderless, it’s all about a soul connection? I don’t know but it would be nice to have one them be able to visit the other at least, for my own heart.
  • The Eldritch Terrors and Father Blackwood: Listen. I hate Father Blackwood but lord does he make a great antagonist. With all that being said, we have seen him being driven to madness but the man starts a cult/church to bring about the end of the world using the Eldritch Terrors. Now, my first thought was that he was just completely driven mad but, to be honest, he still has the same resemblance to the old Father Blackwood we have come to hate, the Father Blackwood who was just obsessed with power. The perfect example of that is what he did when he got the Imp of the Perverse. The man just made himself supreme Emporer or something and called it a day, he is despicable. So one by one he aids the Eldritch Terrors and I am not going to lie it made for a good episode to episode plot and continuation. Side note: Is Sabrina really married to the Uninvited? The only thing I wish was the episode bringing about the Endless and the Void wasn’t so clumsily put together, I truly believe there was room for one more episode there.

The Bad:

  • Lilith and Lucifer: Sigh. So the two most interesting characters of the show became the two most boring of the show this time around. Look I like Lilith and Lucifer but their plot this season left something to be desired. SO Lilith is forced into having Lucifer’s baby early, now here is where things get wonky for me. See Lilith wanted to hide Baby Adam away from Lucifer until he was old enough to challenge his father and therefore she can help him rule Hell, now when Lucifer comes knocking as he was EVENTUALLY going to because she wasn’t hiding in some underground layer she was hiding in the Academy, she kills Baby Adam so Lucifer can’t get his hands on him. Sick, just sick. What’s worse is Lucifer punishes her by stripping her of her powers and making her mortal and she is out here acting all kinds of Norman Bates in reverse like with a doll imitating a baby she killed. Then again, how can she admit to other people that she killed her baby? If that wasn’t the worst of it, Lilith then stabs Lucifer and consumes his blood so she can become a witch again and what? Lucifer how did she get the drop on you? Lilith is just a normal ass mortal. Also, how are you so easily injured in Hell of all places? What is going on there? It was just such an unnecessary plotline.
  • Nick killing himself?: So Sabrina dies and Nick goes swimming in the sea of sorrows and dies and then that’s it? Did he kill himself? Was it a mistake? This is why I feel like there was another episode missing from the show cause it would have been more of a satisfactory ending if we could see him grieving and then floating in the sea of sorrows and then dying. I honestly felt like I got zero payoff from his death and his pain and it is just downright unfair. This man went to hell with Lucifer inside him for Sabrina it would have been nice if we could have a better send-off for him, that’s all.

With all that being said it was a good ending to the show, very reminiscent of the first two parts of the show, which are my favourite parts. I guess I should be happy that Sabrina and Nick are happy together somewhere, plus that statue of her in The Academy is really dope.

Rating: 8.0/10