The answer to that question is: Yes. Of course, they are.

If you don’t know what has been going on over at DC Films, let me give you some back story. The actor who plays Victor Stone AKA Cyborg in the DCEU, Ray Fisher came forward with some allegations of misconduct and abuse onset during his time shooting for Justice League. Now at first, these allegations seemed to be strictly aimed at Joss Whedon, who took over directing and editing the panned theatrical release of Justice League but as time went on it seems Fisher’s list of complaints got longer. See, according to Fisher, when he went to the management at Warner Media and DC Films about Whedon, he was met with what can only be described as gaslighting and attempts to shut him down. All of this did not help Warner Media as they attempted to restructure their DC films and production teams behind the scenes but after a while, the allegations and the evidence were mounting up and even though Geoff Johns is no longer the head of DC Films, the attempts to sweep the investigation under the rug were in full effect.

Basically, for the last year we have seen Fisher and Warner Media go back and forth on the progress of the investigation and the delays of the investigation and I cannot lie, it has been exhausting.

Now, usually in cases like this, it would be business as usual for the actors and company. What would happen is Ray would still be appearing in DC films and the investigation or lack thereof would be happening in the background, this, of course, would be to help the company save face just in case the investigation results do not go there way. This would be the case if Fisher was willing to do films with the people that gaslight him in the first place. Which he is not and I understand that.

So back to this week when the news of Victor Stone AKA Cyborg being written out of the upcoming Flash movie. There was huge speculation on whether this was an attempt by Warner Media to oust Fisher out the DCEU completely. Fisher made it clear that he was still the DECU’s Cyborg but that he was not going to be in the upcoming Flash movie because he contended with the current head of DC Films Walter Hamada.

Warner Media then released a statement: “As has been previously stated, an extensive investigation was conducted by an outside law firm, led by a former federal judge who has assured Warner Media that there were no impediments to the investigation. Last summer, Mr. Fisher was offered the opportunity to reprise his role as Cyborg in ‘The Flash.’ Given his statement that he will not participate in any film associated with Mr. Hamada, our production is now moving on. Warner Bros. remains in business with Geoff Johns who continues to produce Stargirl, Batwoman, Doom Patrol, Superman & Lois, and Titans for the studio, among other projects.”

It upset me. It upset me because there seems to be a huge rush to get over the allegations and mounting evidence of abuse and misconduct on the set of past DC Films so why is it that Fisher is the only one being sidelined because of it? It isn’t like The Flash movie is the only upcoming DC Film and Hamada could focus his attention someplace else while Fisher works on it. If we are talking about FAIRNESS here and I thought we were, then why would Warner even approach Fisher about doing this if they knew how he felt about Hamada? Because they knew Fisher would say that he didn’t want to work with Hamada and then they have a reason for removing him from the film. It’s honestly that simple.

Is Warner really never going to address the allegations and mounting evidence of misconduct and abuse by executives at the company? Is Ezra Miller going to go ahead with a Flash film as happy as can be, knowing that his peer, Ray Fisher, is being handled terribly at Warner Media? Why is it that Jason Momoa is the only one who said something? I know Gal Gadot had issues with some of the scenes that Whedon wanted her to shoot in Justice League but Miller had no problem so clearly there seems to be an actor bias here. I am then reminded that Miller is attached to another Warner Media franchise, Fantastic Beasts, so make of that what you will.

It seems that Warner Media is determined to move past Ray Fisher and that can only mean they plan to slowly remove him from the future of the DCEU. My only hope is that Zack Snyder’s Justice League Cut gives us all the Victor Stone action we wanted to see and solidifies his character as a need to have in the future of the DCEU but you can see my thoughts on that here.

The DCEU, in the start, was pioneering with their films, in terms of diversity even if the films were not that great or loved e.g. Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey but with one missing piece: A Black-led superhero film. There, Marvel, has them beat. I was hoping that at this point we would be seeing news of a Cyborg movie in the works or a Martian Manhunter film but alas nothing yet. I know Nubia comics are being released again so hopefully, we may get her in a film soon. If you want to see the films I want DC to make check them out here.