The Good:

Michael Burnham year-long evolution: This season finally gave Michael the character arc I wanted for her. I feel like in many ways Star Trek: Discovery tried to make Michael a version of Spock. The problem the show ran into was that unlike Spock Michael was a full-blown human and she had emotions that she could not contain. The show tried to do what many shows have done in the past, which has her explore her humanity through her relationship with Tyler. Now, of course, Tyler ended up being this big disappointment and although I liked the idea of her being in a relationship I disliked the cliche of being fixed by a relationship, this was on both sides though for her and Tyler. So this season had Michael land on her own in the future. For a year Michael navigated this new time while trying to get information on what caused the burn that ended most of the federation and what happened to the federation. Michael spends a year alone in this new time with only her friendly companion Book to help her. She finds herself in more ways than one and honestly, I could not be more proud. Michael comes to greet the Discovery crew as more self-assured, strong and more capable to be in the position of Captain. I loved to see it. I also loved that they learnt from their mistakes with the way they put her in a relationship with someone who doesn’t try to change her, someone who challenges her, supports her and looks good doing it. Shout out to you Book. I wish they let her Captain her own ship because even though we did get to see her be a Captain, I think she is deserving of it, if not the Discovery specifically.

Emperor Georgiou: Listen, I just like Georgiou, no matter what she is doing. She is, in many ways, the antithesis of what many of the characters are it’s funny to see her dynamic with the rest of the crew. So Georgiou travelled with Discovery to the future and just like you, I was confused. See there was news that a new spinoff show focusing on Section 31 with Emperor Georgiou and Ash Tyler was being made BUT Tyler was in the past and Emperor Georgiou was in the future. So how was that going to work? Well Georgiou is not doing great in this new time, she seems to be more irritable and angry and something is causing her to have what was described as dementia symptoms. I wished they dragged it out a bit more because I loved seeing a parallel of Burnham and Georgiou from the first season to this season but alas Georgiou had to go. Georgiou is being torn apart because her molecules are not only in a different universe but also a different time. She is allowed to relive some of her past mistakes in the mirror world where she tries, although unsuccessfully, to save her daughter mirror-Burnham from death. It’s an interesting look because Georgiou is often seen as a cold person but we know who she cares about and just how much. It’s hard to say goodbye to a character like this on Discovery because in many ways she is a reminder of a previous time and as the show goes forward we are going to be losing track of what happened in the past more and more. I don’t know if that is a good thing.

The Bad:

USS Discovery Crew:

  • So this show considers itself an ensemble show and in the previous seasons it has done a great job of depicting that. This of course came at the price of providing character work for many characters. This season changed that dynamic by focusing purely on Michael and her approach to this new time and the dynamics she has not only with new Federation but with the rest of the crew, who have not seen what she has seen in the past year she has been here. This came at the price of the USS Discovery crew and it’s Captain Saru. While watching this season I found myself annoyed at the crew, as if in many ways, they were a hindrance to Michael doing her thing. I found myself frustrated with this sort of forced family they tried to create in Hugh Culber, Paul Stamets and Adira Tal. It’s not that I didn’t like Adira or Paul and Hugh, this season, but I would have appreciated the character work for them to be kept separate instead of tying them together. This sort of storyline reminds me of when two POC characters or even LGBQT+ characters are on a show so they pair them up to keep the other characters for more “appropriate” relationships. I think we are forgetting that Hugh got killed at the end of the first season and that we did not get him back until a couple of episodes into the second season which means we haven’t gotten to experience Hugh and Paul together properly reunited. Adira and the way they handles the Trill situation was not explored enough for me and it honestly could have been spread out more even though the fourth episode was one of my favourites of the season.
  • I think the most disappointing thing came down to two things: the way Saru conducted himself as a Captain and Tilly never fully graduating to be able to be Saru’s Number One even as a stand-in. Captain Saru, this season, really reminded me of Season 1 Saru without the fear thing to be able to be used as a reason for his constant hesitation. He didn’t put his trust in Michael and he never took risks until that final part when it came time to rescue the Kelpian and honestly, that is why I was surprised he actually went. It seemed so out of character for him this season. Tilly never really got to finish her Captain training and it shows. In real life when people thrust women or POC’s into positions that they are not ready for just so they can fail, the intent is always obvious. This is what happened here. We never get to see Tilly train, in combat or get better at her Captain skills so when Saru makes her his Number One and then she becomes stand-in Captain when he is gone, it becomes abundantly clear that she is ill-prepared and everyone seems to think so as well. I like Tilly but I think it would have been nice to see her address wanting to be a Captain once they arrived with the new Federation and then going through the necessary steps and THEN becoming Saru’s Number One. I guess I understand that there was no one else to take over because for some reason Nhan leaves less than halfway through the season, for such a trivial reason. Making Nhan Saru’s Number One stand-in would have made more sense cause of her background on the Enterprise. It was just a bad character decision in my opinion.

Despite all of that there is plenty to like in this new season of the show. I am always here for revolutions being shown by oppressed people, last season it was with the Kelpians and this season it was on a slave planet ruled by Osyraa. I liked her but I feel like I did not know her all too well, there was a time towards the end there when it became clear she did not want to live the criminal life anymore and the relationship with her husband but I still find myself interested in the change of heart. Why did she want to join the Federation? Was it just because she was running out of dilithium? Cause her husband seems to think of her as a good person. This is very much an uneven season, very high intensity but lacking in a lot of ways. Shout out to this season of the show for making me realise that Oded Fehr would have made a great Dr Strange in the MCU.

Favourite Episodes: That Hope Is You, Part 1 (Episode 1); Forget Me Not (Episode 4); Scavengers (Episode 6); The Sanctuary (Episode 8); Terra Firma (Episode 9 & 10)

Rating: 6.8/10