The Good:

Jane and the underground: I love Jane for many reasons but the main reason she is the best part of this show is that in a lot of ways you get multiple arcs with her and this season is no different. If anyone of the show is hurt the most by the realisation of the Chief’s role in their current existence, it is Jane. It is particularly cruel to think about how she was just a girl who needed mental help and he just used her and lied to her. Jane has been self-medicating to not have to deal with the pain of the Chief’s betrayal and the pressure of being the primary persona. Her other personalities do not like what she has been doing because it affects them as well, so they tell her that she either leaves the manor or she’s going to lose her spot as the primary personality. Listen, I get where they are coming from but I doubt Jane would do well out her own. I mean she can protect herself but she can also cause a whole lot more damage to other people. In a way, that is something that I think the personalities don’t have to think about or deal with and that is what pisses Jane, and me off. Of course, Jane would love to just think about what Kay wants and needs and think about no one else but there are other people in the world and being an adult means that you are aware that you can’t just do what you want, that’s the pressure of being the primary. Jane gets to deal with all of the trauma of Kay and having other personalities in her head but doesn’t get the break that the rest of them get. None of the other personalities have to sit on the surface and deal with consequences for as long she does. Anyway, some politics takes over in The Underground when Miranda, a personality, who we all thought was dead, comes back to take her position back as the primary. In the beginning, Miranda seems to be a bit of fresh air for everything, only as more personalities go missing Jane suspects shenanigans. Jane eventually is proven right when it becomes clear that Miranda is dead and the personality that has been using Miranda’s likeness is the Daddy personality who used to be in the well. Should be an interesting third season in Jane’s head right? Either way, Diane Guerrero should, honestly, be sitting at the top of every critics’ list of best performers because she knocks it out the park. Also shout out to the other Underground actresses, Samantha Marie Ware, Monica Louwerens, Tara Lee, Helen Abell, Skye Roberts and Stephanie Czajkowski etc. (Sorry if I missed anyone)

Niles and Dorothy: Listen, I am not a big fan of the Chief. I understand that he didn’t orchestrate all of the terrible things that happened to the Doom Patrol but he is responsible for all of it. So, I was surprised by his surprise at the lack of warmth from the rest of them. I mean they understand that he did it all so that he could live long enough to raise his daughter but this dude wasn’t even raising his daughter. He left his daughter on Danny Street with little interaction with the outside world. With all that being said I understand why he would do that. Just like Jane, Dorothy is extremely powerful and because of her youth, she is easily frightened and angered. As things progressed on I started to understand how the Chief became fixated on Jane because Dorothy tends to give in to her imaginary friends, only Dorothy’s imaginary friends can be seen by everyone else. Dorothy fears growing up and after she makes a wish that kills two of Jane’s personalities in the Underground (which by the way, how?) she goes running which prompts the Chief to finally make the realisation that he will not be able to keep Dorothy going on like this. Dorothy, who has been fearing growing up, has started to slowly get closer to the world ending event that she is supposed to bring forth. She tries to fend it off but it seems like it’s too late for her. The season ends with everyone being immobilised by the Candlemaker.

What could use some work:

Rita the actress: It’s not that I don’t like Rita, it’s just that out of everyone in the team she seems like the least evolved. Listen, I am not saying that she cannot want to get back into acting or care about it but it seems like she is the only one who has not gotten back down to earth. Rita hasn’t gotten over her fears, her shame and her anger. The only reason she has been able to get by is that unlike a lot of the other characters she is not visibly destructive and that is what stops everyone from making her evolve. With all that being said I do like the relationship she has with Vic, I just wish that that relationship was used to evolve both of them. That being said the persona of this down-and-out actress is one that I love and the actress who plays her, April Bowlby, does a fantastic job.

Vic’s love-life: So, I guess the show thought the best way to evolve Cyborg was to give him a love interest? A flawed one just like him. Well, it does not have the desired effect it had the same effect of teenage shows where the main character falls in love and then starts making bad choices, cause that is what happened here. Vic is still very on edge when it comes to who he can trust but what I did like the show doing was having him go to a meeting to discuss his traumas with someone. Which would be great if he discussed them. Remember that episode of season 1 (Therapy Patrol) where Vic tried to have everyone sit down and discuss their problems so that Mr Nobody couldn’t use it against them? Yeah, we needed one like it this season, if just for him. Vic needs to talk to someone and I honestly feel like it should be his father, Silas because that is where most of his current animosity lies, but if not him then maybe Rita, cause they seem pretty close now. I want Vic to have a crisis of conscience as he did in the first season only this time deciding on whether he wants this hero life. Cause he seemed to be happy just having a girlfriend and living life but he also lacked a purpose until she needed life-saving help. I love Jovian Wade so we will see.

What was missing:

Robotman and Jane teaming up: I think that because they tried to have Cliff reconnect with his daughter, Clara, and Jane was dealing with some emotional distress, they missed out on my favourite pairing in the show. I think Jane balances Jane and I think in many ways, she needs him. The reason I say this is because Cliff finds it hard to connect to his daughter once given the chance and I think Jane could have helped him here (translate his musings).

Larry becoming one with his negative spirit: When that Valentina Vostok, a woman who also has a negative spirit, visits the manor it gives Larry information that I wished he reflected on more. I am super curious into how Larry can finally connect with his spirit because this back and forth where they can’t talk to each other is old now. I wonder if the show is leading us to this but at a slow pace. It looked like Larry seemed freaked out by the idea of giving up his individuality so that he can become one with the spirit but at the same time this might be because he has never really made amends with his past fully or more specifically with his children. I guess we will see but I like the calm presence that his character is compared to the eccentricity of the others.

Stand out episodes: Pain Patrol (Episode 3), Finger Patrol (Episode 5), Dumb Patrol (Episode 7), Dad Patrol (Episode 8) & Wax Patrol (Episode 9)

All in all, a very good season. The progression was a tad bit slow but it was still very quirky, raunchy and outright funny at times (The Beard hunter painting himself white to hide from the Scants for e.g). This show is more balanced than a lot of shows and is the perfect show to talk about how they do ensembles. Due to Covid-19 protocols production had to shut down for the show which turned it from a 10-episode season to a 9-episode one. With that being said I LOVED how it ended. That was a cliffhanger and somehow more satisfying than the previous season’s finale. The absurdity of this show is not lost on me but I love how they play off of that and still make the stakes high enough to feel the pressure. The acting is always 1000 times better than any superhero show and I recommend you watch it if you want to see a different take to super-powered people.

Rating: 8.2/10