If you like Doctor Who, this show may really be the show for you. It is all the fun of playing with the timeline with the few consequences of what it would mean to actually have all of time to play with.

I have to give it to this show. It introduced a whole bunch of new concepts, characters and ideas to the MCU without rushing the plot or making us feel like we have to guess too much. I always feel like the best shows are like good leaders, they lead you were ought to be, and Loki was able to accomplish that somewhat.


Although not perfect I think that Loki had the best main character work of the three MCU shows. That is, of course, an unfair comparison because Loki’s character is pretty prolific in the MCU almost equal and even more beloved, at times than his brother, Thor. He has had significant screen time in 4 MCU films so he is a character that we did not need a lot of contextual understanding. We know him and considering that this is a Loki that hasn’t lived through the events of Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok or even Avengers: Endgame, we as an audience might know him better than he knows himself. We know he is capable of change and growth although not always on time, he’s got plenty of that now.

Season Finale Thoughts:

I liked it. Jonathan Majors was definitely the highlight but it also didn’t feel like a finale. It felt like a jumping-off point. With all that being said I think it set up an exceptional plot device which I guess we are gonna see in the next MCU films (Dr Strange etc.). I think it had a better conclusion than Wandavision although Falcon & The Winter Soldier had the BEST finale out of three. I think that it was an interesting choice that this show did not end on a giant fight but I also feel like it didn’t need to. I think Loki is probably the best-paced show out of the three. It felt more of a complete story when I was done with the finale. But that might also be because I know there is gonna be a second season so I’m not overly concerned my questions are not gonna get answered.

As to the people who thought Jonathan Majors was too quirky: I don’t understand. This is the Loki-verse, everything is quirky and over the top. Also, there is a case that can be made for Majors not going far enough with it. I mean not Doc Brown far but he could have played it a little bit more eccentric. I think he was pretty contained and he made me think of The Master from Doctor Who, who is kind of like the evil version of The Doctor and I think that he is both understated evil while also being an overstated quirky. I also like the idea that we could possibly see different kinds of Kang’s show up all over the MCU and I think Jonathan Majors can definitely pull that off.

Sylvie & Loki:

Listen, I know a lot of people were either on the side of them getting together or not but for me, I was on the side that did not ship them. Not because I didn’t want Loki to find love but because I think that I wanted Loki to realise that him loving/caring for Sylvie had nothing to do with romantic feelings but more with him finally loving himself. Like, it was all psychological. Loki realising “Hey, I love this Loki. I must want to love myself. I must be deserving of love. I want to trust and be trusted by someone. I want to form bonds and relationships with people. I want to do the right thing and make good decisions.” I feel like when they kissed or when they made it a romantic bond, they robbed Loki of that growth or development and made most of his progress, which I guess it’s still progress, more about Sylvie than about him just getting better as a person. If Sylvie is to return for the second season I hope the show listens to the concerns of choosing a romantic interest for Loki when it’s so clear that Loki needs to work on himself. Hell, even Sylvie needs to work on herself. Cause was I disappointed in her? Yes. But was she more disappointed? Probably. I think she had first hoped that the timekeepers could be people she could either reason with or they were a bunch of evil people she could kill. But to find out that she was merely being played, that her suffering was planned and that her entire existence was leading her down a path to become the very thing that robbed her of her childhood. It’s a lot. Loki’s are a damaged lot.

The new (old?) TVA:

I think that I really enjoyed the dynamics that this season brought to us in the form of the TVA. I liked the idea of a bureaucratic time-travelling agency that tried to bring order to the Multiverse. With all that being said, I think it is sad that a lot of the work Loki put in to create a bond with Mobius seems to have been wiped out but this is a time-travelling show so hopefully, that will correct itself early on in the second season. If it doesn’t though, I think it would be interesting to see Loki try to win the trust of Mobius again and hopefully they get up to some Doctor & Companion time-travelling shenanigans in season 2.

I do hope we get a glimpses into the lives of Hunter B-15 and Mobius, before they worked at the TVA. I also would like insight into how Miss Minutes works. Is she working for Kang and now that he no longer exists is she no longer there? Does she exists as long as the TVA exists? Questions that need answers in season 2. I also hope that we get more Loki variants. I saw some people say they thought that Kang was a Loki variant as well and that is why they survived as variants before and after they got pruned but I also think the other Loki’s might have just been tests to see if any of them were “worthy” of taking over the time-keeping responsiblity and in the end it required two Loki’s.

Did I think this entire show was a bit of an homage to Doctor Who? You bet. But that’s what made it enjoyable for me. I love Doctor Who.

Rating: 8.4/10

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