(00:27) – So let’s start with Titans and my thoughts on this season’s trailer; (04:02) – The Episode list for Titans Season 3 is as follows; (06:46) – Moving on to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or TV Show universe. Let’s discuss Loki; (09:49) – Episode recommended show, film or book;

Hey everyone, this is Tendani and Welcome to another episode of The Female Blerd Podcast. This episode is just going to be taking a look into the DC Universe or HBOMax show Titans and Loki Season 1. Spoiler alert if you have not seen the first season of Loki or if you have not seen the Official trailer for Titans season 3. Please go check them out.

(00:27) – So let’s start with Titans and my thoughts on this season’s trailer:

I am not going to lie when I saw the trailer for this season I wanted to be mean and say that it didn’t look good. It did look good but I was still disappointed. Of course, the Titans head to Gotham but a part of me was hoping that the Red Hood stuff with Jason was not going to be as a huge part of the show as it is appears it’s going to be. Listen, I get that this would be the first Live-Action adaptation of Red Hood but it does not negate the fact that Jason, as a character on this show, is not one I am overly fond of. Would I feel bad for him to die the way the trailer implies he dies? Yes, I mean being beaten to death by a crowbar. Horrific stuff. But Jason isn’t a character I’m invested in and honestly, that isn’t even the actor’s fault that has more to do with the writer’s because Jason has had an episode titled after him, in season one, and it did nothing to give insight into what he was doing before he was Robin and why he would take up this mantle or how Bruce found him. That being said I see Dick reliving his childhood with Bruce, again, so maybe we will get a sort of comparison between his and Jason’s upbringing. Another thing to note: In the first season of Titans, Dick was way older, about 13 years old, when he was adopted by Bruce but in the trailer, it seems like the kid playing a young Dick is way younger than in the first season portrayal, about 10 years old. Is that merely because they changed the actor playing young Dick? Or is the show changing its own Dick and Bruce history? I mean it’s not such a big deal, just something I wanted to note. We get to see quick snippets of Blackfire, Donna Troy and Rachel. This could be because they form part of a bigger overall arc of the show that they didn’t want to show us just yet but considering the heavy Red Hood presence, I think they may not get the screen time I was hoping for. In the end, this trailer showed me that this season of Titans may end up being more of the same. Hopefully, they prove me wrong. I also noted the scenes between Barbara Gordon and Dick, they are supposed to be rekindling their relationship in this season although it will probably be short-lived. Not interested.

I’m not trying to play the race card but every time I see the little I get of Gar AKA Beast Boy, I get mad because out of all the men of the show the only one that hasn’t had episode(s) centred around them is Gar (Doom Patrol doesn’t count for obvious reasons) and somehow no one seems to be doing anything about that or even talking about it. Everyone is just excited to see a Red Hood centred season, giving more screen time to ANOTHER white male character over Gar, a character who has been around since the show only had 4 main leads. I’m just tired of him. This show has a huge issue with the way it handles its people of colour but I don’t have to tell you that. Kory and Gar are probably the most exciting and interesting characters on the show but they get sidelined again and again to accommodate a Dick/Old Titans storyline. I wasn’t that mad when it was the Slade Wilson/Deathstroke storyline because I liked the Deathstroke family portrayal (although Slade’s demise was trash) but it still angered me that the second season did little to nothing too for Gar and Kory is somewhat right back to where she was in season 1 with her sister on her way but I am not that convinced. They did all that so Dick could become Nightwing and we could see the old Titans and how they broke up. It was so self-involved that Dick left Gar alone in Titans Tower to get kidnapped. I can’t stand Dick Grayson on this show. I can’t stand his selfish persona.

(04:02) – The Episode list for Titans Season 3 is as follows:

Episode 1-10: “Barbara Gordon”, “Red Hood”, “Hank & Dove”, “Blackfire”, “Lazarus”, “Lady Vic”, “51 Percent”, Home”, “Souls” & “Troubled Water”

Now as you can see, the show is still sort of following a formula where they title episodes around certain characters they want to focus on and I am going, to be honest, this list made me a bit anxious. Of course, the show is introducing more characters to it like Barbara Gordon, Red Hood, and Blackfire but there seems to be ANOTHER Hank and Dove centred episode. I am not the only one who wishes one of these episodes was going to be titled Tamaran because I was hoping that we would get a flashback to Kory’s life on her home planet but maybe we get that with the Blackfire episode. Anyway, it seems like the team is going to be struggling with the Read Hood issue for a couple of episodes but I didn’t see anything about Themyscira or Beast Boy. I am concerned. Listen, I get it, Beast Boy and Starfire are probably super expensive if you consider the CGI of it all. So I get why they would focus on things they don’t have to CGI later on BUT Beast Boy and Starfire are more than their abilities. We just wanted episodes of Kory on Tamaran, just show her growing up, not need to CGI her abilities if you are merely depicting the relationship she had with her sister and her parents. Instead of us having to hear her tell it second-hand to a guy who knew it already so it was kind of second-hand info. We just want to see what Gar was like before he got his abilities and how he dealt with it after the fact. Maybe that would be dipping too deep into Doom Patrol but I’m still wondering about The Chief of it all. We know, well if you watch Doom Patrol, that The Chief had a hand in the ill-fates that lead to the Doom Patrol members getting their abilities so is that something Titans is ever going to address? Why does Gar never talk about them anymore? For these shows to be connected, you have to make references to each other.

(06:46) – Moving on to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or TV Show universe. Let’s discuss Loki:

I’m going to keep it brief because I already gave my opinion about Loki and the future of the MCU AKA Phase 4.

Although not perfect I think that Loki had the best main character work of the three MCU shows (WandaVision, The Falcon & The Winter Soldier). That is, of course, an unfair comparison because Loki’s character is pretty prolific in the MCU almost equal and even more beloved, at times than his brother, Thor. He has had significant screen time in 4 MCU films so he is a character that we did not need a lot of contextual understanding. We know him and considering that this is a Loki that hasn’t lived through the events of Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok or even Avengers: Endgame, we as an audience might know him better than he knows himself. We know he is capable of change and growth although not always on time, he’s got plenty of that now. This show sort of reset Loki back to when he was at the height of his popularity but also the height of his villainous ways. It allowed us to see a play-by-play of his growth and it was great. My highlight was definitely, the second episode as well as the last two episodes. With standout performances going to Tom Hiddleston and Richard E. Grant as Loki variants and Jonathan Majors as ‘He who remains’ or Kang, The Conquerer.

Besides that my thoughts centre around: hoping we get a glimpse into the lives of Hunter B-15 and Mobius before they worked at the TVA. I also would like insight into how Miss Minutes works. Is she working for Kang and now that he no longer exists is she no longer there? Does she exist as long as the TVA exists? Questions that need answers in season 2. I also hope that we get more Loki variants. I saw some people say they thought that Kang was a Loki variant as well and that is why they survived as variants before and after they got pruned but I also think the other Loki’s might have just been tested to see if any of them were “worthy” of taking over the time-keeping responsibility and in the end it required two Loki’s. Did I think this entire show was a bit of an homage to Doctor Who? You bet. But that’s what made it enjoyable for me. I love Doctor Who.

(09:49) – Episode recommended show, film or book: Want to say The Expanse again but I’m going to go with The Effigies Series written by Sarah Raughley. This is a trilogy of books centred around four girls, Effigies, who are sort of protectors of the world. The girls deal with their traumas, their varying backgrounds and upbringings and their attitude to being made to protect the world. Even though it does have a bit of a dry conclusion, its second instalment (Siege of Shadows) is amazing and the way the books deal with meeting one’s idols as well as grief, trying to fit in and the pressure of having the world to protect, is really good. The only gripe I had was with the main character AKA the narrator/protagonist. She was believable, but a tad bit inconsistent that being said it was easily overlooked. It was a great find and a fun read. So check it out.

With The Suicide Squad coming out in a couple of weeks as well as Disney’s new What If show and the new season of Stargirl being released in August, I cannot wait to talk about this stuff again. I feel like I have not been this excited in a while. You can stay up to date with me on here whether that is Spotify or Apple Music or head on over to thefemaleblerd.blog. Follow my Twitter account @female_blerd, I also have a Tumblr page which is skewedlights.tumblr.com. Positive thoughts to South Africans this has been a trying couple of months. Peace out.