This episode has a lot of things going on simultaneously but it all seems to be heading to the same place.

So all of Gotham’s crime bosses are gathered together and informed that since Batman is no longer an issue in Gotham. This is all done by Red Hood as he threatens or extorts them into becoming their enforcer. Basically protecting them from what he considers to be smaller threats than Batman. In return, they have to pay Red Hood 40% of their profits. Now, this seems pretty steep to me but considering that Red Hood made it clear that he has no issue killing them if they refuse to comply, they all oblige. This was an interesting introduction to Red Hood, first because I had no idea that they were immediately going to jump into this storyline. I thought something like this would take some time. I was under the impression that Jason was going to stay dead for a while or that he was only going to become Red Hood at the end of this episode. Another interesting thing about this episode was Jason seems to have no problem killing people, which considering how trigger happy he was back when he was Robing should not have surprised me and yet I was shocked when one of the bosses opened the bag and pulled out a severed head as well as when he shot another one of the other bosses. 

The rest of the Titans (Kory, Gar and Conner) as well as Dawn and Hank join Dick in Gotham to help him protect the city. Of course, there is tension between Hank and Dawn, as they are no longer together and the former seems to have given up being Hawk. I actually liked seeing Hank doing his little police thing, only because I think the way that Hank was written in the first two seasons of the show, gave me a bit of abuser vibes and I did not like him. That being said he was a drug addict but I liked that they have written him to be a bit more prickly than a completely unsalvageable douche this time around. 

As Dick helps Barbara with a case that involves people committing crimes wearing red hoods, it becomes clear that someone is taking people’s children to force them to commit crimes. Dick tries to get Barbara to let him and the rest of the Titans handle the situation but when it is revealed that they were tricked and that both the children and the parents got kidnapped, the Titans are ambushed and one of Gotham’s banks gets robbed of millions. Barbara is obviously not happy about her letting her personal relationship with Dick and the whole vigilante business cloud her judgement as commissioner and vows to keep her relationship with Dick more professional. One of the things I do want to point out is that Barbara is Commissioner, not a detective or chief of police so the fact that she is so hands-on with this case is weird. You can tell there is some tension between Barbara and Dick but what I found to be interesting was that Barbara uses Jonathan Crane AKA Scarecrow to help her with crimes like this. The fact that her father got killed by one of Gotham’s many criminals and then turns around to use a criminal to help her with cases is hypocritical. She was just giving Bruce an earful about his symbiotic relationship with the Joker.

Anyway, using the tip from Crane, the Titans are able to track this nefarious figure to an abandoned munitions building. Here Nightwing starts engaging in a fight with Red Hood who is then revealed to be a very much alive Jason Todd. As much as I wanted Red Hood to be conducting his business in the shadows for a while before she came across the Titans. I am also intrigued by why the reveal was chosen to happen so quickly? My thoughts are that them knowing it’s Jason will make it hard for them to bring him in. With all that being said, I really loved the fight sequence between Red Hood and Nightwing. It’s giving Robin versus Robin vibes. Of course, Nightwing beats Red Hood, but it was not an easy victory and also this was not me throwing shade at Red Hood abilities but he was using guns and Dick has been doing this for a lot longer.

Other things we see in this episode: Kory has a moment when she becomes almost possessed or sleepwalks and she starts speaking in another language and when she is startled fires at Gar. Of course, she would never hurt him on purpose and Conner is there to shield it but it definitely makes Kory a liability going forward. What is going on with her?

I liked this episode better than the previous one but I feel like the show is speeding up this Red Hood storyline. To what end? I think I like that the Titans are in Gotham. I think the show has a better tone but the pacing for me is a little off. 

Rating: 7.4/10

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