So this episode picks up a little bit after the previous episode left off with the revelation that not only is Jason alive but he is Red Hood.

Dick digs up Jason’s grave and finds it empty. Not surprised there but I understand wanting to make sure that it actually was Jason and not some random person looking like him, I mean this is Gotham after all.

Hank says that Jason needs to be taken down but the rest of the team disagree because they still feel like they need more information. I was on Hank’s side with this one, cause Jason is already becoming pretty prolific as Red Hood and the number of people he has killed already makes him increasingly problematic. Despite his feelings about what Jason has done when Jason calls Hank seemingly to get his help, Hank goes to help him. Of course, it is a trap, that part I was not surprised by but when Hank shows up again with a bomb strapped to his chest I knew that Jason was truly unsalvageable. The thing about making Hank such a more easy-going guy this season was that the idea of losing him seemed crueller than ever. The bomb Jason attached to Hank counts down for each of Hank’s heartbeats but the team try to give him more time by medicating him. One by one each of the Titans, including Krypto, finds their way to talk to Hank and it was emotional for me. I loved the simplicity of the scene between him and Gar, I loved the background music. I also see Gar’s frustration with Gotham, this place is not great. This was by far my favourite Hank episode in the entire run of this show.

Dick finds out that the bomb device was a prototype and was created by Bruce. I have so many questions about why Bruce would be working on something like this but Dick then gets Conner working on creating a device that could remove the bomb from Hank’s chest. I love the way the show is using Conner. Conner is super speeding his way through creating a device that could save Hank and the pressure is real. If Conner could sweat, he’d be sweating cause I was.

Dawn decides to acquiesce to Jason’s demands about stealing gold for him and I have to think that she was a fool for this. First because if anyone figures out that Dove stole from a bank then that puts her in unnecessary trouble and considering that Batman already is in trouble for killing the Joker, you can imagine how that might make things a bit difficult for the Titans in Gotham. Second, Jason has access to a lot of Bruce’s accounts, still, I mean that is how he got the schematics for the bomb so it’s not like he needs the money, right? Jason is clearly trying to prove a point and Dawn helped him do that because when she arrives to deliver the gold to Jason, Jason gives her another test. She could shoot Jason and Hank will be saved. Dick shows up, knowing that Conner is working on it and tries to talk Dawn down. It does not work and she ends up pulling the trigger but that instead triggers the bomb in Hank’s chest and he explodes before Conner could even get to him with the device. It was hard to watch as Conner stands in the flames of the explosion just getting all of Hank’s bits thrown at him. It was hard to watch Kory and Gar realise what had just happened. But what was sadder is the pure utter confusion on Dawn’s face as she and Dick realise what she had just done. She was so confused and then distraught I feel so bad for her cause it’s only going to get worse.

Listen, if anyone was still thinking that Jason is still salvageable, I think this episode sort of put that thought to rest because now he has to go. I thought the emotion in the trailer for the season and everyone talking about a death in the family was going to be about Jason but now I know it’s about Hank. I was never a big fan of Jason but I do think that a lot of the Titans are going to feel guilty for what happened to Hank. I think no one more than Dawn and Dick. For different reasons. Gar was trying to get a hold of Bruce but I wonder if Bruce is getting these messages, I wonder if he cares. Everyone played a part in trying to help Hank in this episode and that’s why it hurts this much. They really did a good job with this episode.

Pour one out for our homie Hank Hall AKA Hawk. Hopefully, he is happy with his brother now and shout out to Alan Ritchson who killed it in this episode. I’m going to miss him.

Rating: 8.0/10