So this episode has the Titans splitting up as they deal with the death of Hank, in the previous episode, and their own issues.

At first, I was concerned about Dawn’s reserved response to Hank’s death but the more I think about it the more I remember and realise that she was the same way back when her mother died. At least back then she had Hank to force her to open up a bit. I feel bad for her. Falling in love because of the bond of grief isn’t healthy but what made it worse was how neither of them took the time to deal with their childhood trauma and then their shared grief. I guess in a way her departure is Dawn’s character growth because she’s finally doing what she should have done, instead of being a vigilante, all those years ago: Taking the time to deal with her pain. I think Hank would’ve been proud. I also loved that she took the time to comfort Conner cause it must have been traumatising to see Hank explode like that. Hopefully, she comes back as a guest star and maybe we will get more flashbacks of her and Hank when she does because I missed his snarky comments this episode.

So this episode touched on a problem I have with Dick Grayson: He keeps doing things by himself. He still hasn’t learnt the value of teamwork. Even Batman has the rest of the Justice League, Dick. Get a grip. Do you know how quickly things could have ended with Jason today if Conner was brought along? I guess it also would’ve been a short plot point but I’m angry that he’s still letting all of this ‘living up to Batman’ thing get to him. He’s being selfish. There is no reason that he could not tell his plan to anyone. Barbara could’ve helped capture Jason. Then again I don’t think Dick wants Jason captured. Here’s the thing: Both Jason and Dick were under Bruce’s tutelage. Dick was for longer obviously but Jason was bloodthirsty before he met Bruce. If you remember in Season 1, Jason was a pretty violent and aggressive Robin without that much guidance from Bruce that’s why Bruce dumped Jason on Dick because Jason was too much and Bruce wasn’t able to control him. Dick thinks that Jason is still a bit of a victim to manipulation and maybe that’s right but I also think Jason is a person who never minded doing the wrong thing. I think being Robin was about prestige but being Red Hood is about the other part of him that made him so trigger happy. Maybe the key to getting through to Jason will have nothing to do with his time as Robin but more to do with before all of that. What was Jason’s life like before all of this? Listen I don’t like the guy but colour me curious.

Meanwhile, Kory finally decides to confront the violent sleepwalking she has been experiencing when she attacks Gar again. Gar, who has been the emotional punching bag lately, tries to help Kory but expresses how tired he is of trying to help everyone out. As much as I loved Gar finally getting to this point, I feel like it came out more as comedic relief because the situation Kory was dealing with wasn’t actually her fault. I mean it’s not the same as when he got attacked by other people but we knew he would come around to helping Kory because she was not in control. So Kory’s sleepwalking dreams are not actually of her but of her sister Blackfire. So Blackfirewas being kept in a single occupant prison and she was still able to send out telepathic signals to her sister. The confrontation was a bit underwhelming for me, probably one of the most underwhelming of this season only because I had hoped for a more action-filled confrontation between Kory and her sister. I also think it is extremely irresponsible for Kory to set her sister free because if Blackfire starts acting out again, I’m not sure if there is a facility in Gotham that can hold her. I also was disappointed by the lack of flashbacks. There was some dialogue/verbal fighting that indicated some issues in the past but I think it would have been more valuable and fun to actually have flashbacks to their time and upbringing on Tamaran.

This episode was good, in that, we finally got some insight into why Jason is doing what he is doing and also how Jonathan Crane fits into all of it. I also liked how good Crane is at riling Dick up, I think that is going to be something the rest of the Titans are going to have to be on the lookout for. This episode was bad with the way it dealt with Kory and her sister but even weirder was how Dick handled the whole Jason and Crane thing. I think the fact the fact that Crane knows everything about them should have been a bigger reveal. I think it would have been better for Dick to have figured that out when Crane got away or something. Just a bunch of missed opportunities. I really hope Titans isn’t back to its old antics because this episode feels like it is.

Rating: 6.0/10