So let’s start with Blackfire and her adjustment to being in the manor. There is still heavy animosity between her and Kory and it doesn’t help that she expects to be treated like royalty. With all that being said I actually find her curiosity and shock in the common way that Kory is living to be hilarious. I also find it interesting that they chose to have her bond with Conner. Cause he seems to be learning extremely quickly but I can’t help but think of him as a bit naive and innocent but that might be me putting my perceptions on to him, I mean he is half Lex Luthor after all.

Kory and Gar call Dick out on his solo adventures from the previous episode and Gar gets angry at Dick. With all that being said I found Gar’s ramblings about Jason to be a bit disappointing. In many ways, he has become the teammate that’s naive and he seems to have forgotten that although Jason might be under Crane’s control (even though we the audience know it’s not that simple) it doesn’t change the fact that he is CURRENTLY lethal and should be treated as such. It also doesn’t change the fact that Jason was angry and trigger happy before Crane, before the Joker, before Deathstroke and before Bruce. In fact, it was his anger, that we find out from Dick, is the reason Bruce choose him to be Robin in the first place.

Dick still investigates everything involving Crane and Jason but Barbara makes it difficult and also… his gunshot wound. Barbara makes it extra difficult when she restricts his access because she is still angry about Dick kidnapping Crane. It’s funny that despite this she still calls Dick instead of the police when she finds herself in danger so I guess it’s not all animosity.

This show does not do set up well. Cause here’s the thing, if I was a viewer of this show without any DC context, finding out that Barbara and Dick used to date would have been a surprise. The relationship dynamic that has been displayed between Dick and Barbara comes off more sibling adjacent than exes. We get flashbacks of Barbara and Dick’s relationship and I’m going to guess that it was before Dawn and before Barbara was Batgirl or in the wheelchair but it was only 6 years ago so she must not have held that title for long. Barbara used to steal for fun and Dick joined her and that is when they first crossed paths with Lady Vic. I’m not going to lie the flashbacks were very boring. It was not the same dynamic as Dawn and Dick but I’m guessing this was back when Dick and Barbara were a little bit more immature.

Meanwhile, Jason is trying to get Crane to start selling the toxin that he is making but Crane shuts him down because he feels like they are not ready yet and reminds him about who’s actually in control of the operation, by basically threatening him with a display by Lady Vic. It’s also quite evident that Jason still has a chip on his shoulder when it comes to Dick. I want to feel bad for Jason but he went ahead and stole the toxin from Crane just to give it to a bunch of thugs who then shoot up the restaurant that Tim Drake’s family runs and that all happens while he watches and uses the toxin. I don’t feel bad for him because all of this is unnecessary. It’s not like he doesn’t have ample access to the toxin it’s not like going from drug addict to drug dealer is going to impress daddy Bruce. His motives and empathize with him and that’s a huge problem with the writing. Is he trying to become Dick? Cause Dick’s a vigilante, not a villain. Is he trying to kill Dick? Cause what’s stopping him from walking into the manor right now? Or from telling everyone about Dick being Nightwing? What is the goal here Jason?

This episode was surprisingly a lot more filler than I thought it would be but there were some things to think about. Blackfire is in the wind. Barbara was attacked by Lady Vic and Crane has a picture of her but to what ends we don’t know. Also, does Dick have a job? Cause I understand why the rest of the team are spending their time in the manor but where does Dick get the extra time to be doing all of this solo vigilant-ing on top of the Titans work he already does?

Rating: 5.8/10