So let’s begin with Crane. He is unhappy with Jason defying him and unleashing the toxin and doses Jason with an unknown toxin that incapacitates him. Crane then reveals himself to Gotham’s crime bosses as the mastermind behind Red Hood. They are apprehensive as the chaos that ensued from the previous episode are bad for their businesses. The only way I can describe Crane is delusions of grandeur: he wants to dose the whole city with the toxin so that the city will be within his control. I’m not going to lie, the entire episode I kept wondering if we would ever get the traditional Scarecrow because as much as I understand how parts of Crane’s story fit into all of this, I feel like the villain really could be anyone. Crane’s portrayal is so arrogant and deranged and I am just not really used to it.

Dick goes to Barbara to get access and use Oracle to find Crane. Dick and Conner then show up but it becomes clear that it was a trap and that Crane has infiltrated Oracle, using Barbara’s picture he got in the previous episode. Barbara, who was already nervous about using Oracle, uses this information to shut down Oracle completely which becomes clear that that was exactly what Crane wanted. Crane relishes the fact that he believes there is no way that the Titans can find him and monologues relentlessly to Jason (being held captive). This again is one of the many reasons that I am not a fan of this Crane portrayal. I’m also guessing the existence of Oracle was told to Crane by Jason and I am honestly so sick of just how much Jason betrayed the Titans and Bruce. All in the name of upstaging the previous Robin, Dick Grayson.

Kory and Blackfire make a deal with one of Gotham’s crime bosses to get information on where Crane’s operations are. This time together allows for Blackfire to finally tell Kory why she killed their parents: They thought that she was the reason that Kory was not returning home to claim her throne and so to garner public favour they were going to kill her to placate not just Kory but the entire planet. They obviously did not care for their second daughter as she was born without fire (powers?). Blackfire also tells Kory why she really came to Earth: the people of Tamaran were not happy with Blackfire so to unite the Tamaraneans she came to get Kory to rule by her side.

The Titans can track down Crane’s operations can do it down pretty quickly but Crane can escape with Jason. This was the first episode in a while that we actually go to see the Titans fight together and it got me thinking about how we have not seen them fight other criminals in the time that they are not busy worrying about Jason. I think it would help the lack of action we have been seeing this season and fill up the time we have been seeing that has just been a random plot.

This episode was a lot better than previous episodes and we got to finally see Blackfire and Starfire together, in their costumes and fighting. They looked amazing and I’m happy they have somewhat patched things up. Dick and Barbara also hook up this episode paying off the previous episode’s tension. Gar goes searching through Jason’s room and finds information on Jason’s old friend, Molly. Gar knows she wants to help Jason and Gar tells her wants to help Jason too.

Rating: 6.3/10