Gotham Setup

The nice thing about bringing the Titans to Gotham is that even if you are a passive DC fan, Gotham’s reputation is widely known. This was exciting to a lot of people who thought that we would finally get to see the Titans actually fighting crime regularly as the show does drip into the more dramatic aspects of the superhero team instead of them being a team or even training as a team. 

The times that we see the team fighting together were actually impressive and the unique styles and powers of each team member got highlighted pretty well even for Krypto.

The show dipped into a different world view when we got to see Barbara Gordon, the current police commissioner of Gotham, doing her job and trying to keep Gotham safe using the usual channels. I also think it’s an interesting take to have the Titans enter a city that is not taken aback by the presence of vigilantes or the cooperation these vigilantes have with the authorities.

Starfire & Blackfire:

There were aspects to the way the show handled Starfire and Blackfire that I actually enjoyed. When we first met Kory she did act almost regal but she has become a lot more down to earth throughout the seasons so when her sister comes and she is a bit more royal and demanding, I think it brought an interesting dynamic to the team as well as humour to the show. I think the show messed up incredibly by not using Blackfire as the main villain throughout this season. Even if the season started with them handling Red Hood this show could have used a more challenging villain because I feel like a lot of the victories that Crane and Jason were able to pull off had more to do with bad writing instead of the actual capabilities of the characters. I also think that a showdown between the Titans and Blackfire and a possible army would have been a better season finale. This show tends to deliver terrible finales. I’m glad that the show addressed why Kory’s parents preferred her over their other daughter (Blackfire) and it had more to do with them keeping their power as a royal family. I really wish they went more into it and I really wish they did better by the two siblings because it’s not enough that we only got snippets of Tamaran and had an entire episode dedicated to Jason Todd. I’m disappointed because we were promised more Starfire and technically we got it but it wasn’t enough and the writers of the show know that.

Red Hood and Scarecrow:

Look, I understand where the show was going with the way they portrayed Jonathan Crane but I can’t help but be disappointed. The best part of Scarecrow is the costume and the fear toxin, and I understand that considering the context of which the show was written, there was no way for Crane to adopt his old persona and costume and have it make sense with the story they were trying to tell. Honestly, I just did not like his portrayal. I did not like how they used him throughout the season and I think they is a chance that they are setting him up to be driven mad in Arkham Asylum and have him become the next Joker. Especially cause he is already rocking the hair and Bruce killed the previous Joker. 

Listen, Jason was never my favourite character in this show and I understand that they had multiple episodes where they tried to get us to understand his point of view but frankly I could never really get on board. I think that Jason is still a huge question mark and diving into his past before Bruce would have helped make us understand why he would be so desperate as to run to Crane as a father figure. I also think they wasted the Red Hood storyline because if they just had Jason conducting business in the shadows, while the Titans dealt with Blackfire, they could have prolonged his Red Hood arc and only reveal to the Titans at the end that it is him behind Red Hood. I think this would have stopped the show from having bloated final episodes and conclusions that leave no one, not the characters or us, fulfilled. 

It wouldn’t be a Titans season without an episode where Dick is hallucinating. I really wish that the show did a better job by both Jason and Dick and giving us more information about the Lazarus pit before chucking Jason into it and having him come back more homicidal than his usual self. I also didn’t understand the dynamic they set up between Crane and Jason. If Jason is chasing a father figure, is Crane chasing a symbolic son? Cause since when did Jonathan Crane care at all about having a partner in crime? I feel like that is also a point the show missed: showing us Crane before he was in Arkham. Cause then his motivations would have been better understood and his actions and the way he hung onto Jason would make sense to us but instead, we get this weird therapy session with his mother and this disturbing altercation which leads him to cut up his face and I’m left wondering why was it necessary at all.

It wouldn’t be a Titans review if I did not go on a rant about underutilised characters. This season would have been a perfect time to set up Gar to learn more about his abilities but instead, we got him chasing after Jason. Were they even that close before Jason’s death? Every episode I was hoping for more and more scenes of Rachel and Donna but instead, we got one randomly mashed up episode and then they rush back to Gotham and I can’t but feel cheated on their behalf.

Titans has always suffered from planning issues when it comes to the way their seasons are set up but never more evident than in this season. At least season 2 dealt with a villain that had an overarching motivation, that could be understood and his presence throughout the season was felt but here we got two lacklustre villains and a finale that didn’t even have the Titans team fighting together. I just need the show to write a story around each of the characters and people don’t make sense being there then they don’t have to be. I think a lot about the two episodes of Doom Patrol, namely Jane Patrol and Hair Patrol that dealt with two of the main characters and their plot each while the others were unconscious or unavailable. They don’t all have to be present, maybe Gar goes to visit the Doom Patrol or Kory and Donna go off to train on their own. That way you are not writing terrible filler for their characters randomly in episodes, that you can’t take back in the canon.

Will I be tuning in for another season? Maybe, but I definitely have decided to stop reviewing the show, as I did with The Flash. I can’t condone bad behaviour. Sorry.

Season Rating: 6.8/10