(00:32) – Thoughts on Eternals; (04:06) – The Expanse S6E1 (Strange Dogs); (07:32) – The end of Titans reviews;

Hey everyone, this is Tendani and Welcome to another episode of The Female Blerd Podcast. This episode is just going to be me giving my thoughts on Eternals, the first episode of The Expanse season 6 and where I stand on Titans. Spoiler alert warning if you have not seen Eternals, it is still in theatres I think, Titans season 3 is out on Netflix and The Expanse is on Prime video. Please check them out.

So first let’s start with Eternals. I always want to say The Eternals but I know that’s wrong. Here’s the thing I liked Eternals, it was vastly different from the usual MCU movies that we get and I think if it was a stand-alone movie away from the MCU it would’ve been really spectacular. The reason this movie sort of blends into the background for me is because the parts where the movie cuts away at itself to fit into the MCU decrease the quality of the hour-long setup they gave in this movie. At the core, this movie is carried by the dynamic between the characters who are a part of the Eternals. My favourite pairing throughout the movie has to be Thena and Gilgamesh as well as Makkari and Druig. The film shows us a lot of the dynamics of Eternals, I like showing how each of them contributes to helping build a society using their abilities but I wished for more intimate scenes to be built between them. Why are Thena and Gilgamesh so close? What have they all been doing this whole time?

Them having to come together because of Ajak’s death is a good setup because they all live in such different parts of the world and it was a great use of how vast the world is. Cersei finds out the truth about all of their existence and the celestials and then immediately tells the team. You would think she would suffer in silence and then tell them when she couldn’t contain it anymore but nope. Speaking of suffering in silence Ikaris is supposed to be guilt-ridden over getting Ajak killed but I honestly did not see that in the way he was portrayed at all. I get that it was supposed to be a shock but considering he and Cersei were on the outs because he left her all those years ago, we would have just thought it was because of that. I think the ending was very rushed and was done so to clean up the presence of Eternals for the next MCU films and it’s disappointing, to say the least. I just think it didn’t give the actors enough to work with and a well-deserved seat at the Avengers table. I really hope it gets a sequel because I think the MCU could use movies that work kind of like the shows where they fit into different genres of entertainment like the difference between Loki, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier & Daredevil. Eternals is solid 7.5/10 go check it out if you have 2.5 hours to spare

Now onto the first episode of The Expanse season 6. I don’t want to go too deep into it because I’m probably going to do a review of the show when it is done as well as where it ranks amongst its previous seasons. But let’s go into a bit of recap: Earth is in dire circumstances as The Free Navy keeps sending stealth meteors their way which makes it almost impossible for Earth to track Marco Inaros because their fleets have to be in orbit to protect Earth. Despite them destroying the rocks before they land the fragments are still causing damage and poisoning the atmosphere meaning that Earth is slowly becoming more and more unliveable. This of course is upsetting Chrisjen because she feels like she can’t do anything for her people.

Marco and Filip Inaros are basking in their successes in different ways. Marco has gone full politician as many factions of the belt have declared their loyalty to The Free Navy. Marco makes many promises to the people of Ceres, that he has no intention of keeping and it becomes clearer to Filip that maybe his mother was right about Marco caring more about himself than about the actual cause. There isn’t much Filip can do about it now that he has become instrumental in his father’s greatest ‘successes’ (*cough* genocide *cough*). Filip seems to be doing everything but dealing with those feelings of guilt and regret and I feel bad for him but it shows a progression that will either be the end of him or the end of Marco, I know I’m rooting for Marco to go down.

Things on the Rocinante are tense: Between Alex’s death and Amos bringing in Clarissa onto the ship things between crewmates are difficult. Holden and Amos are doing everything they can to hunt down Marco and they are taking down Belter ship after ship. It leaves Naomi with a moral dilemma as she knows that Marco needs to be taken down but she also knows that the Belt is under Marco’s control so they could be taking down people who are just trying to survive like they always have. This for me would have been a great time to highlight the difference between her and the rest of the ship, there is an inherent privilege that the other crew members have that they don’t understand the Belter struggle to break free of the oppressive regime that was the Inners. I need another Belter on this ship to make them understand… I think Drummer and her crew would be great but then again it would get crowded and like Drummer as a captain of her own ship, although for how long? I don’t know.

Amos and Naomi come to verbal blows and Naomi make it clear that she is uncomfortable with the presence of Clarissa on the ship. Amos compares it with her decision back in season 2 when she gave Fred Johnson the sample of the protomolecule. *sigh* I have to be honest. I did not like Amos’ conversation with Naomi. I feel the comparison with Naomi’s decision and Clarissa are not the same or equal measure and this is why I’m really hoping the show brings another Belter on the ship because Naomi gave Fred their sample. After all, she wanted to give the Belt a chance of having a seat at the table with the Inners. Clarissa was a spoiled rich girl who wanted revenge against Holden and left so many dead bodies in her wake and you have to consider the people who died in the ring the first time around. *Phew* people need to start using context when making comparisons because I did not like Amos coming out of this episode and usually I do.

Finally, I just wanted to give a sort of announcement about the future of Titans on my blog site as well as on this podcast. I am no longer going to be reviewing the show going forward. This latest season showed me that when dealing with Batfamily things, Titans can clean up a lot of its writing but it forces everyone else to get the short end of the writing stick. I can’t believe a show that only has 13 episodes to spare can somehow find filler episodes that are inconsequential to the plot but it does. I did a review of season 3 for Titans on my blog so I won’t get into too much but honestly, there is not much difference between the Titans and that is extremely problematic, the big bad setup was terrible and those last few episodes were unbearable hence why I stopped doing episode to episode reviews and just packed it up into a season review. I will no longer review the show. It does not mean that I won’t watch it anymore but it no longer deserves my typing skills. I hope it doesn’t get renewed for a new season because I need my good sis and bro, Anna Diop and Ryan Potter to be free from this show and its awful writing.

So I don’t need to tell any of you that Spider-man: No Way Home is coming out soon and I can’t wait to give my opinion on that as well as The Matrix: Resurrections, hopefully, I can watch that before the end of the year. I also want to be giving my opinion on that and The Expanse episodes that come out weekly so we will see. Hopefully, this movie is good but I think it will still be an enjoyable experience because of all the nostalgia it will bring. You can stay up to date with me on here whether that is Spotify or Apple Music or head on over to femaleblerd.blog. Follow my Twitter account @female_blerd, I also have a Tumblr page which is skewedlights.tumblr.com. Please stay safe and I’m sending happy thoughts to everyone over this festive season. Peace out.