Jon Watts returns for the third instalment of the MCU Spider-Man movie and I loved it. This movie essentially won me over in terms of Tom Holland and Spider-Man in the MCU. I recommend you watch it before you read this.

The Villains

Shout out to the villains of this movie. None of these actors had to return to their roles but they did and I am grateful. This movie allowed each of these villains to not only shine but get down to the crux of their origins and characters. This movie could have taken the easy way out because all of us were just happy to see these men in the movie, we didn’t need anything else but what elevated this movie was the fact that we had to be reminded that they are still real stakes on the line here. Norman Osborne beat Spider-Man’s ass. It was hard to watch really. RIP Aunt May. Willem Dafoe, takes time to remind us all that he is an actor’s actor, alongside Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx being comedy gold. I have to bring up the joke Max Dillon makes to Andrew’s Peter about thinking he would be Black under the mask and wondering if there is a Black Spider-Man out there in the multiverse. There is but he is a cartoon.

The Three Spider-Mans

  1. I love Tom Holland and I grew up on Tobey Maguire Spider-Man. I think they are great, but for me, the greatest casting had to be Andrew Garfield, although his movies were filled with potential that they never got to reach, the issue was never him. It makes sense then that he is the first other-dimension Spider-Man that we get to see and it’s through his banter with MJ & Ned and his ease in being Peter that reminds me so much about how he always had fun being Spider-Man. I actually missed him. And yes he got to have his catch. It was heartwarming and I teared up alongside him, although MJ was wondering why. Girl, watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
  2. Tobey Maguire brings such wisdom to Peter Parker that I was so taken aback at how much I missed the grounded nature he brought to Peter. I always empathised with his character because he had other normal problems that got him down, financially and with his family and friendships, and he even engages with Andrew’s Peter about how he had gotten a mental block at some stage because of it.
  3. Doing the job of Spider-Man is not easy and I think that at the point of this film when it feels like Tom’s Peter can’t go on anymore, the only other people that can get through to him are him from other universes. It’s reminiscent of the scene from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, where they tell Tom’s Peter that they understand better than anyone, but where Spider-Verse is a cartoon, the live-action allows their heroes to be flawed. Here each of them talk about doing the wrong thing: Tobey’s Peter hunted down his uncle’s killer, Andrew’s Peter admitted to being bitter after Gwen’s death and stopped ‘pulling his punches’. It’s a great way of giving wisdom while not preaching and I loved it.
  4. Through all of that, I’m glad that they kept Tom’s Spider-Man as the leader because he is the only one that has worked on a team before. I loved how they were encouraging each other, I love how they geeked out over each other and the shots with all of them together in the suit, is something I want on a poster, each of them has such unique suits.

Ned & MJ

I think this trio is the best part of this movie because they ground Peter. There is realness in feeling guilty for affecting your friends’ lives but Peter does everything to right the wrongs that were done to them and the villains and at the end of the movie as they cry, because they are now going to be forgetting who he is, I started crying AGAIN because I realised that they are literally all he has left. I love that they leaned into the trio’s intelligence and the anxiety that comes with not knowing what the future holds after high school even though they have all of this other stuff going on in terms of heroes and villains. Ned and MJ play a vital role in grounding this film in something we all can relate to and it works.

Dr Strange: I was surprised that I did not get as much Dr Strange but considering that he is there merely to do the setup of the movie, I think it makes sense. Also, things would have gotten a bit crowded if he had to be involved. I also like that Dr Strange doesn’t do this spell to just being mischievous but he is also able to convince Wong because they feel bad for Peter and Strange just wanted to help him.

In conclusion: The best third instalment of all the MCU individual movies. Usually, I would give that trophy to Thor: Ragnarok but the MCU Spider-Man films had two considerably better setups, so that makes the third one just that much better. I think everyone in this film was acting their asses off and I always love it when actors commit even in superhero movies because then you get a lot more out of it as an audience member. There is so much heart at the core of this movie, there are laughs and cheering moments. This film had a setup and hit the mark more than I thought it would. When walking away from this film, you can’t help but have an overwhelming love for Spider-Man and I think that can only be done if the people making it, loved the character as well. So thank you to the people making this movie. I loved it, Spider-Man and Tom Holland.

Rating: 9.0/10

Listen, I’m not a cameo counter but we got to see Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil and Eddie Brock AKA Venom.