(00:28) – Thoughts on Spider-Man: No Way Home; (01:07) – The Expanse S6 Episodes 2 – 4; (03:47) – Thoughts on The Matrix Resurrections

Hey everyone, this is Tendani and Welcome to another episode of The Female Blerd Podcast. This episode is just going to be me giving my thoughts on Spider-Man: No Way Home, The second batch of Expanse episodes and The Matrix Resurrections. Spider-Man and The Matrix are currently showing in theatres and The Expanse episodes are all on Prime Video so if you haven’t seen them, please check them out before you continue with this episode.

So let’s start with Spider-Man (00:28) – No Way Home. I don’t want to get too into it because I do have my review of the film up on my blog. I will leave a link to it below. So basically, this film has to be the most surprising thing for me this year. I loved it. I loved the way they treated the villains. I loved the way they treated Tom Holland’s, Peter Parker. I loved the way they used Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parkers. If you went into this film, like me, not the biggest fan of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker or of the way Spider-Man has been used in the MCU, you definitely walked out a fan and that is really all a film, more specifically a superhero film, should do. Everyone plays their part to perfection and Spider-Man: No Way Home etches its way into my top 3 Spider-Man films of all time.

Now onto the recent three episodes of The Expanse Season 6 (01:07) – So basically as a summary. The Rocinante adds Bobbie Draper to their crew as they go on a mission to catch the Azure Dragon ship, the ship that launches rocks at Earth. The mission goes well although Naomi is still dealing with PTSD from her time on Pella last season. The Rocinante crew get aboard the Azure Dragon and get data on the location of all the stealth rocks used to throw at Earth, so now Earth can dispatch their navy fleet on a hunt for Marco Inaros. Things start shaky as Marco was prepared for the arrival of the Inners on Ceres and not only stripped the station so that the remaining Belters were in danger of running out of resources but also left bombs to cripple the station even more. Marco’s actions are a way to make the Inners look bad but his reputation suffers as words spread about his desertion of Ceres station. Filip finds it difficult to cope when he starts to see the cracks in the perfect image he has of his father and things come to head after The Free Navy loses a fight to the Rocinante, even though there was no need for them to engage with the Rocinante. Drummer finally takes shots at Marco about his actions and it seems Marco may be getting hit from all sides.

Things between the Roci crew get even tenser when it comes out that Holden disarmed a warhead that could have killed Marco. Holden stopped the warhead because he didn’t want to be the one who killed Naomi’s son, Filip. Honestly, I could see all sides of the argument here. Amos is concerned that Holden is going to keep pulling his punches when it comes to dealing with Marco, Holden is concerned about what it would mean to be the one to kill Naomi’s son and Naomi is concerned that Holden thinking of her every time he pulls a punch, makes her responsible for what Filip or Marco does after the fact. I think it’s going to be interesting to see what bringing Marco and Filip to justice looks like and I wonder if the person to do so will be someone like Drummer. Do I think Filip is going to overthrow his father? By force? No, but do I think a deal will get struck where he comes out as a more lenient ruler over his father? Yes. Do I think Marco will like that? No, but then Marco is all about power.

Lastly, I wanted to talk about The Matrix Resurrections (03:47) – This is probably the only film I was sure that I would have liked this year, even if it was purely just nostalgia. I loved the first Matrix and the subsequent films were not the worst but by no means as good as the first. I was going to go into a deep reaction/review of the film, that was until I saw it. Look, this film is by no means the worst thing that has come out this year but man was it a disappointment. To take an action star AKA John Wick and chop up his scenes so that they are just his back should be a crime. I’m going to skip over the stereotypical Asian woman with blue hair thing and talk about how this film was Space Jam: A New Legacy but in Matrix form. There is nothing wrong with referring to the previous films, especially because they are the building blocks to understanding Neo/Thomas Anderson’s importance but a part of me kept wondering if they were too lazy to shoot anything new.

I like Jonathan Groff but he does not have the presence that Hugo Weaving brought to Agent Smith and doing a shot for shot comparison in the film made Jonathan look bad as an actor and that is just not fair. The film tries to present itself as this sort of look at society and the entertainment industry as a whole but if we are honest it falls flat. It falls flat as an action movie and it falls flat on the story. The film spends a lot of its time reminding us of why the first trilogy was so innovative but brings nothing new to the table. So Neo is the one, Trinity is his true love and Agent Smith is the bad guy but what else is there? The film even failed its side characters and I honestly feel bad for Jada Pinkett Smith. The film should have stayed in the drafts cause it reads as fanfiction if I’m being honest. This film is a 5.5/10 and I wouldn’t waste my time if I was you but if you are seriously bored, you can check it out.

So that is the end of this episode but I wanted to do another episode soon about the best and worst of 2021 but I still wanted to finish Doctor Who Series 13 and watch The Harder They Fall. You can stay up to date with me on here whether that is Spotify or Apple Music or head on over to thefemaleblerd.blog; Follow my Twitter account @female_blerd, I also have a Tumblr page which is skewedlights.tumblr.com. Please stay safe and I’m wishing you all a great 2022. Peace out.

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