(00:22) – Earth/Chrisjen; (01:28) – Rocinante; (03:02) – Marco & Filip Inaros/The Free Navy; (04:51) – Drummer

Hey everyone, this is Tendani and Welcome to another episode of The Female Blerd Podcast. This episode is just going to be me giving a recap of season 6 of The Expanse as well as my thoughts on the show and where the final season ranks amongst its entire series run.

Earth/Chrisjen (00:22): So for the first couple of episodes of the season, Earth is still dealing with the aftermath of the stealths rocks that hit the planet and also for the last couple of months Earth has still been targeted by the stealth rocks. The rocks are being destroyed before they get to Earth but all of those little particles are still getting through the atmosphere and damaging the air and soil. It’s one of those things where you can tell that it’s kind of the end of days for Earth as we know it. And it’s really sad to see. Another component throughout the season deals with Chrisjen who, if you watched the X-Rays is sick and I don’t know if it’s her impending mortality or the fact that she/Earth was struggling a lot throughout the season but she seems to be a bit more reflective this season. She remarks about how different she has become but she also acknowledges what it took to get there. I think that she is the only leader among the Inners who doesn’t want to go to war with the belt and it’s an interesting change of pace.

Rocinante (01:28): At the beginning of the season the crew is still dealing with the aftermath of Alex’s death and the introduction of Peaches/Clarissa Mao onto the ship. There is a lot of tension aboard as Naomi is struggling emotionally with fighting her people of the Belt and the fact that if they do win the war against Marco, there is a chance that might result in her son’s, Filip, death. I’m glad that the writers still stuck to their guns and did not forget what Naomi is about and also not forget that it might be harder on her to have her go through this, and I’m glad that they recognised that. I’m really surprised at the couple that is Holden and Naomi like they’ve done everything they possibly can for each other and yet that is not the reason why I love them. The show and ship are grounded when Holden and Naomi are proper partners to each other, giving each other time and space to go through their feelings. Honestly, I felt for Holden because I understand why he couldn’t be the one to kill Marco and Filip, that it’s not just about Naomi but about how their relationship needs to survive after the war is over. Cause I can see Naomi feeling resentful about it after the fact, especially when you factor in the part she is a Belter and she too was oppressed by the Inners and in another life, she could have been a Marco or Drummer. I think things on the Roci picked up a bit more when Bobbie Draper came onboard because her chemistry with Amos is great and I love that she is more ready to fight than the rest of the crew. I’m not going to lie, I have been eyeing that tension she and Amos have and I am here for it and would love to see it.

Marco & Filip Inaros/The Free Navy (03:02): At the beginning of the season we see that despite Marco having gained all this power, his relationship with his son has deteriorated. This could be for a lot of reasons: First, Filip has gotten into some pretty self-destructive coping mechanisms to deal with his guilt or regrets. Second, now that Marco has more power he isn’t forced to have only his son as counsel, there are more skilled and mature people to take Filip’s place alongside Marco. I think Filip’s time with his mother last season got in his head because he no longer looks at his father the same way. Filip questions his father more especially around decisions that would leave Belters hurt or without resources. They even get into an argument after their fight with the Rocinante when Filip confronts Marco on his pride and arrogance. There is an element to Marco where you can see he wants his son by his side and that he wants better for his son but whether or not it’s because he truly loves Filip or it’s because Filip is an extension of Marco, I can’t tell you. When the season first ended I thought Filip’s abandoning of the Pella made no sense to me but as time went on I realised that if season 5 was Naomi trying to teach Filip about what’s right then season 6 was Filip’s slow descent into realising that his father is wrong. I think that in a lot of ways Marco was right about how terrible the Inners were but Marco does not want better for the Belt he just wants to be the one in control of the oppression and violence. This is not an environment that you would want your child to be around and back in season 5 when Naomi came face-to-face with Filip she tried to get him as far away from the fight as possible. Filip then realised that Marco had no problem letting people around him die for him and that was probably what truly turned Filip in the end.

Drummer (04:51): The beginning of this season saw Camina Drummer trying to survive on her own, as Marco has increased the bounty on her. Her family is still dealing with the repercussions of what happened at the end of the previous season but things take a turn for the better when she gets a few ships together and sets out to rob Marco. In a lot of ways, Marco and Drummer are alike but where Marco doesn’t care about anyone but himself, Drummer cares about her family, her ships and the people of the Belt. Drummer does not just rob Marco of his supplies but she brings said supplies to Ceres station. Drummer, unfortunately, deals with loss at the end there and there is a sense that she feels like she does not belong in this world, as an enemy to the Inners and the Free Navy. Naomi tells her that the only they can do in this situation is fight for the people they love and you feel for her at that moment because Drummer shouldn’t have had to lose and fight so much to be seen as equal to the Inners. And it’s funny in a lot of ways a Belter like Drummer might have seemed too radicle to partner with back during the first few seasons but Marco is an indication that oppression leads to worse radicles. Drummer has a lot of quotes but my favourites have to be the ones where she tells Marco “Live shamed and die empty” or when she tells Chrisjen “After centuries of oppression, Marco was an inevitably”

Season rankings:

  • Season 2 – The end of Miller. The end of Julie. Introduction to Bobbie Draper.
  • Season 3 – Have to enter the ring. Introduction of Ashford. Introduction of the OPA Behemoth.
  • Season 5 – Edges out season 1 because of the acting. Naomi, Marco, Filip and Drummer all were doing top-notch acting. The end of Fred Johnson.
  • Season 1 – Great introduction season. Setup well. Did a good job of showing us the world now.
  • Season 6 – Honestly because it was just too short. I just wanted more.
  • Season 4 – The end of Ashford. The acting was great. Mars drama.

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