The Good

Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven/Jane Hopper):

  • Give Millie all the acting awards because she is still playing Eleven so well.
  • It is so hard to watch someone so beloved go through the struggles. The bullying she was enduring was such a tough situation because I felt as angry as she did but I also felt fear and sadness for the after-effects.
  • Death of the other children, in the experiments, and how it leads her to believe she killed them: I think the show was showing how bullies and cruel people get to El because she has been dealing with her whole life and without the support of her friends in Hawkins it has been hard for to not act out so when it seemed like she killed all the other children in the facility I was shocked, scared for her but not at all that surprised. I just wish the show ended there.
  • So El created the Upside Down as a prison for Vecna AKA Henry Creel. He was torturing/haunting his family and when he wasn’t able to anymore, he bided his time until he could manipulate one of Brenner’s children into setting him free. Only El realised his betrayal and created the Upside Down to trap him. Only now he is strong enough to create his own gates, he is killing people and getting stronger again and I don’t think fresh into her powers again El is going to be able to take him. I just don’t. Shout out to Jamie Campbell Bower but he was a bit of a red-herring, they should have cast a random actor.

The Hawkins Crew (Steve, Lucas, Max, Dustin, Robin, Eddie and Nancy):

  • Eddie Munson: Was not my favourite in the beginning. He felt a bit exaggerated but considering he was a conduit for a real fear that people have for the ‘other’, I liked how he was used in the story. He basically has to go on the run after everyone thinks the recent killings, which have been done by Vecna, are his doing. At first, the town thinks it’s just him but then the whole group has to go into hiding when they make it seem like he is the leader of some satan-worshipping cult.
  • Max Mayfield: She was concerning me at the beginning of the season as she dealt with the effects of the previous season. See I guess it’s easy to forget how traumatic the things these kids have been enduring until you come across a character who does not swallow and I am glad she got out all the things she needed to say to Billy. All of the Vecna stuff she endured put her well on her way to at least resolve some of her issues.
  • Lucas Sinclair: Lucas was dealing with more conventional challenges at the beginning of this season. Max and Lucas are no longer an item but Lucas is still trying to include her and tries to get her to open up. It is difficult for him with his friends because he is still a nerd who likes to play Dungeons and Dragons but also likes to play Basketball and I wish the show allowed Lucas to confront his friends a bit more about how looking down on his basketball aspirations was hurtful because when they weren’t there to see his game-winning basket even I was feeling salty and I loved the jumping scenes between the game and the campaign endings.
  • Nancy, Steve and Robin: These are the designated adults of the group and it works. 
    • Nancy is still up to her sleuthing only without Jonathan and at first, I thought she and Jonathan could still work but I found myself glad she was without him because Nancy always was the one who pushed Jonathan to investigate and her instincts deserve to be engaged with because without her we would not get more information on Vecna and what happened to the Creel family all those years ago.
    • Steve and Robin are back to helping Dustin with his investigations, trying to clear Eddie’s name, only now Steve is also helping Robin with her romantic life while struggling with his own. There has definitely been an underlying feeling that Steve might still be in love with Nancy but this season was pushing it more and more. As much as I love how Steve got to be heroic and awkward around Nancy I cannot help but feel like the show is gearing up to kill him off. If I’m wrong then I’m happy because I am back on the Nancy & Steve ship but if not then… 

The Bad

The California Crew (Will, Jonathan, Argyle & Mike):

  • Will and Jonathan Byers: To be honest, I think the show is finding it hard to keep the Byers family relevant in the storyline. Jonathan seems lost as he dips into stoner territory, maybe it would work if they showed us why he did so. Is Jonathan dealing with his own trauma? I mean all the mess with his brother, I wouldn’t blame him but the show does not make it seem like that is the case. It seems that he just likes the stoner life. Also, Will has been relegated to the friend whose job it is to judge and provide support. It is a bit hard to watch Will Byers be such an inconsequential character because Noah Schnapp has a huge social media following but also he was a pivotal part of Season 1 and especially Season 2.
  • Mike Wheeler: Honestly, Mike is a great character when he is grouped with his friends in Hawkins so separating him from them this season was a choice. A bad choice. Mike gets to California to visit El (and Will?) and basically blow up El’s lies she has been telling him. Is that his fault? No, but his character spends most of his time this season with tension-filled exchanges with both El and Will and then whining about what he could have done better in his relationship. I don’t know why this was done but it, unfortunately, turned me off his character. It made him irrelevant but I guess it was done to maybe placate fans of the Mike and El relationship because they had to be separated. I don’t know why the doctor didn’t just take all of them from California and lock them up when they got there. It would have then been better and a little more understandable when El chooses to stay. Then again prison is a state of mind.

The Other

  • Give us more Erica Sinclair, you cowards.
  • Joyce and Hopper have been reunited.
  • Is Steve going to die next season?
  • Are we ever going to get the payoff of Eight?
  • Are we going to see Jamie Campbell Bower return as One?
  • Who you got in a fight, Eleven or One?

It is still Stranger Things and Stranger Things on its worst day is better than most shows so I am excited to see what is coming next. Pray for Steve y’all.

Rating: 7.7/10