How is Bridgerton Season 3 already a fandom mess?

Bridgerton’s third season is focusing on characters we know, Colin and Penelope. This is different considering, unlike the previous seasons, we do much about both protagonists and their characters are already dividing the fandom.

Batgirl shelving divides the DC fanbase AGAIN

It always felt like this film was cursed because it first started off as a Joss Whedon production but then got shelved after allegations surrounding the director and then it got new legs, well that was until recently. Just giving my thoughts on the news of the shelving of the Batgirl film, the reaction over the internet, accusations of WB racism, Ray Fisher as well as what this has left me feeling about DC in general.

2021 films and shows | Episode 16

This episode is just going to be me giving my thoughts on what I consider to be the good and the bad of 2021 films and shows. Starting with the bad (00:34) which includes the Matrix Resurrections and Titans Season 3 and the good (01:04) which includes Arcane, Squid Game, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Spider-Man: No Way Home, The Witcher Season 2 and Loki Season 1. Recommendations (03:27) and my thoughts on the soft reboot of the DCEU (03:51)

Does Titans have a Race Problem? Thoughts on Loki Season 1 | Episode 13

This episode is just going to be taking a look into the DC Universe or HBOMax show Titans and Loki Season 1. Spoiler alert if you have not seen the first season of Loki or if you have not seen the Official trailer for Titans season 3. Please go check them out.

I also decided to do a book series recommendation this time around.


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